Thursday, April 19, 2012

lack in mojo

I feel awkward. I forgot the feeling of browsing through the web all day without the need to stop. I forgot how exciting it is to hop on one site to another. I forgot how exciting it is to discover new things and trying new things. I forgot how universe-like Google is. I forgot the beautiful arts going on around the world. I just forgot.
It feels awkward not stressing by brain with all those tight deadlines and schedules, late nights, bundle of papers on the floor, messy room and tornado after effects like stuffs all around the place. Its not a happy place for me. At least for now since I have just finish a couple of crucial week. I feel easily tired with journeys and simple task given. I haven't been updating my required books and I really feel like taking some time off and catch some movies but The Vow seems to be the last thing on my mind since I am currently away from the dearly beloved.
#Panda and me have been taking some time off from each other.


nuranne said...

I dont have any guts to watch The Vow..=_=

aestherlyienda said...

why? I heard its really romantic..

nuranne said...

hehe. cos it might remind me of my previous relationship. chances im going out of the cinema sobbing are very high.