Sunday, April 1, 2012

Ohh.. hello

It’s finally April. Ohh how sweet it would be naming a baby born this day – April. I have always fancied the name April.

April, my schedules is full again this month. Not that I have one written out though, I haven’t actually. But I had a rough idea on how it’s going to be just like any other months that had gone by. I like it that way though; always chasing time. Mine started really rough today. I hope yours was 100000xinfinity better than mine.

Have a new mantra. OK, I lied. Been doing this for a long time. I'm just sharing. Whenever you feel super angry, take a long nap! When you sleep, your brain takes rest from all those pumping blood pressure. It'll help you think better. Never make decision while you’re on fire. It’ll make things even worse. Even more, you'll regret something that could have been prevented by.. sleeping. Bhahaha.. This helped me, since forever.
P.S Some people needs another type of mantra. Depending on how you discover it. ;P

Its the first week of the month. I hope you didn't get any april fools! Please April, be nice.. *crosses fingers*

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