Wednesday, April 11, 2012

on a ferris wheel

Panda called today and pop the question on getting married. I ask what the heck is wrong with him? And he told me..

He wanted to have a child of his own. Yes, I know blogging about this is kind of lame. Bear with me. I am in a shock myself.

He says all the darnest things. The also told me that, he was feeling envious of his brother because the sister-in-law had just given birth to a beautiful baby girl named Caroline. She has the nicest flushed cheeks and small hands and yes, she's perfect.

The Panda told me he wanted to take an extra day off the job because he's addicted to holding the little precious.

Then, I ask him,"Was it nice? You know, having a baby?"
He said, " I don't know, I have to have one myself to know that."
Then I told him,"Then how about if you get pregnant instead."
Ohh, he said the darnest things when he told me,"I would if I could"

I don't really like coorperating with him during this time. He has hormones, just like me. Why and how I know? because the last thing he said was, "lets try having one, if its not that nice then... we sell the kid and get lots of money" FML.

An 8.9  Richter Magnitude Scale earthquake occurred up North of Peninsular today, March 11 around 4.45pm. I hope everyone is doing fine. Please protect them all oh lord.

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