Monday, April 9, 2012

Pier pressure

I'm in the midst of having my final mid semester exam and just like last semester, everything is all over the place. Books, papers, notes, utensils etc. everything is on the floor. The room looks like it has just been hit by a tornado. I am nervous, everyone is. It's not that we're not ready, most of us are but the thing is, no matter how well prepared you are, the agony of going through even for a couple of days may break bones. People might collapse and cry if they can't handle everything wisely.

I on the other hand, am trying to get a good night sleep since I haven't been getting any for the past weeks. My biological clock is giving up on me. And yes, acne. I've been having fast foods and its slowly giving me signs on how bad taking them.

Been missing the family back home. Panda had frequently falling sick and I'm just so not used to not taking care of the other half of me back home. I have been on cloud nine and making decision on my own is harder than I thought.
Been thinking lately. I am not a good person, but I am not that bad either. Hurt some people along the way and this easter night I'm kind of reminiscing about it all. I kind of have this kind of hormones sometimes. It helps me think in a way no other method could.

Having sushi after exam will be the best token for myself since I have been pouring on so much efforts in this unsolved research papers and reports. But I am considering of visiting my aunt since I have been a busy bee this whole 3 years of my studies here hence, I never went to her place. Feeling so dissapointed of myself. *slaps face.

Gonna hit the sack now. I hope it won't feel like 5 minutes of sleep. I really need the dreamy hazy sleep. Floating on clouds will be nice. Good night.
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nuranne said...

Good luck in your final papers. Every time i'm in a final exam, i will have this mood swing, suddenly pack luggage (walaupun lama lagi habis), suddenly emo. Hehe, I guess it's the stress.

Yup you should reward yourself later after the exam :)