Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuesday talk.

The weather have been seriously hot especially at night. The oil glands are pumping like shit hence, the acne. Luckily today, it rained and for once it doesn't feel like sauna in the room.
Bought myself inexpensive sushi for dinner tonight. Had two yummy herbal eggs, a small yogurt drink and a fat free yogurt itself. 

Also, I bought another set of make up. An 18 palette eye shadows, a mascara (been wanting to do so for the longest time) and a nude lipstick.  I'm sure #panda will kill me for that. But it was on sale #puppy eyes.

Photoshop will have to wait until I get back home by the end of July. Gonna miss Harvest Festival this year. Not that I like forcing myself into that unexpectedly stinky, crowded, stressful place; Its thanks giving so, at least being home is a celebration minus the beer and party rocking since I'm no party people. I'm gonna poo at your party and fart.. that's what people like me do.
 So, back to square one. Since Photoshop is resting for a while, I'm gonna make happy hormones for my brain by using plenty of instagram. Been a current visitor to iTunes. If only the internet line is a little bit faster at this side of the hostel. 
Until then, don't forget to follow me on instagram @aestherlyienda muacks!

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nuranne said...

nude lipstick is a must in your make up kit. hehe. especially for your skin tone. perfect.