Thursday, May 3, 2012

Korean Side Braid

Korean side braid. love max!

The hair are woman's best accessories. Its a free statement piece. It never runs out of style. You can have it anyway you like it. Grow it or have it short. You can go bald but it'll always grow back.
I like to try different hairdo. My favorite are braids. Since work requires my hair to be arranged neatly, I'd usually look for the best hairdo for work. Even if I have to go for the simplest ponytail, I'd always make a nice pompadour or a lace braid up front. Sometime a nice flower head piece will do just nice.

P.S notice how my hair is longer? If you have been reading about how the hairdresser cut almost 3 inch of my hair, well the layers were short enough for me to create a faux bob. So yea, its still that long. Sorry.
But I was really hating the haircut back then. The hairdresser got me so many layers that it pokes out every time I did myself some braids and it never looked nice when curled. 
Its looks better now that it had grown a bit.

♥ if you've read this.

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