Tuesday, May 8, 2012

stay calm and carry on

Hello, I'm having exams; no, I'm revising for an exam. Its only the second day, you see. I'm already thinking about after exams. Anyways, I have papers on my desk and I am leaving for college the day after tomorrow. I'm gonna lick the hostel's wall so won't forget about this place. Wait, let me just think about that again.
I'm gonna promise myself to eat healthy and do some exercise after exam. Just so the time flies.
Always put on your best positive attitude no matter what happen.
Exams has its way of putting one down. One of it is by turning you against your friends. So don't take everything so seriously. We all are in the same ship filled with stress, insomnia*, panic attack, agony etc. 
Calm yourself down. Everything is going to be ok. You just got to have faith and yea, study.

So after instagram'ing, I'm gonna head back to stu-dying.
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