Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunset sky

The nicest picture taken yesterday. Filtered using instagram's Pro-X if I'm not mistaken. Taken by yours trully #panda
I'm at home. Spent time at Nexus, Karambunai City Resort with the other half's friends yesterday. Wasn't that fun. They were all speaking mandarine, cantonese etc. I was the only noob one. The only good thing was the waves, sunsets and spending time with #panda. Wasn't feeling very well.
Going home today. Blogged a while waiting for my flight but then it end up on waiting list in my blog draft.
Have tons on picture to be posted on instagram. Just waiting for the right time. I don't know when that is but it going to be up soon. Going to catch some movies with the family tonight. I hope you guys had a great weekend.


twinscraftlife said...

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Lurvy.vains.fl said...

karambunai!!! hope to go there someday...but dunno when.. T___T

Viviane Vincy Rozer said...

lawaaa oh ni tmpat :D