Friday, June 22, 2012

About eating healthy

Taken few days ago at home. Still a noob when it comes to iso, exposure etc.

I got used to eating small meals everyday that it freaks me out just by looking at so much food served on the table yesterday. I took a bite each and thats it. 

I'm training myself to eat less because its the only way I could keep healthy and maintain my weight. Believe me, once you've put on a couple of pound, its pretty much hard to get rid off. Some tried and succeed, some keeps weighing themselves, got frustrated and gave up on healthy living and exercising.

You might find this unworthy to read but I tell you, years ahead when you start having weight problem, you will feel the need to eat healthy but that is going to be hard especially when you're married and have kids.
Some people are born with slim and slender body, some doesn't, some had to earn those nice body but that ain't easy. Disipline and motivation is the key to success. 

I'm not having much supports on healthy eating at home. My dad always cook a nice meal for us. I go home whenever I feel the need to cheat on my daily meal. My parents told me I was too thin and there is no need for me to hover at the organic side of the supermarket.
Most of my grocery came from those side of the supermarket. Right now I am thinking of growing my own vegetables backyard. My dad suggested me the Hydroponic thingy. You go dad! My dad has high cholesterol level but he was so determined to get rid of those cholesterol, it shocked the doctor how fast he healed.

Its hard to have healthy meals especially when people are not very motivational. I have had one friend who tease me for taking small meals and saying I was dieting all the time. Went around saying those same line to everyone as a joke. It was okay for me. It wasn't that big of a deal. I know I am keeping myself healthy. You don't want to end up falling sick half of the year because of wrong digestions and food poisoning don't you? 

This was my lunch today. I don't tend to push myself too hard on my meals. I have one of those days where I would crave for instant ramen or fast food. You must satisfy your needs once in a while. But that's it. I will get back in track the next day. I just started this and its all going well for me so far. My fiancee always say, we eat to satisfy our hunger not our cravings. I love him.


nuranne said...

I'm a forever kurus type of person. Seriously, it is so hard for me to gain a pound let alone make my bmi normal. i'm so underweight. yes we need to eat healthily. kalau tmbah berat tp sebab makan junk food all the time susah jg kan.

Gee said...

I get your point dear, No.. I did not focus more on your foods, no.. I do love foods.. Oops.
:p In short.. Sy suka tu makanan2 yang ko tunjuk.. hehe

aestherlyienda said...

I update food picture daily here

feel free to visit. :) said...

I believe, everybody tried, at least once on life, to eat healthy. I am sure that healthy food can improve your health condition, but not everybody is ready for it.