Sunday, June 17, 2012

Freelancer (?)

Haven't been updating for a whole blog years. Now, here's an ice cream for my apologies. 
Came back from Selangor few days ago. I'm on leave; from school and from work. I am currently a full time photographer, cook, cleaner, driver, shopper, couch potato and everything in between laziness and free time. I'm also currently in the middle of waiting for my employment letter. I'm curious, scared, anxious and everything. I'm just hoping for the best right now. 

Just finished bathing #paw under the striking sun. She has fleas from playing around with the neighbor's dog. God! we regretted letting her hang loose outside the house compound. Gonna take her to the vet for an injection before the fleas starts partying like crazy in those fur.

Instafood on instagram @aestherlyienda

Also, been training myself to eat less and healthy starting with breakfast. You know, you can't push one whole decision to a pro level in an instant. 
My brother have been obsessing about growing some vegetables and all things hydroponic at his backyard. I was thinking of doing the same thing here at home since I'm currently waiting for employment.

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