Friday, June 1, 2012

May, Kaamatan and Unduk Ngadau 2012

This is going to be a wrap of May 2012 and Harvest Festival. You might want to grab a popcorn.

The month of celebration is finally over. Had my very final exam this month, results are in and its good, work will finally settle down as I prepare for one week of torture back at college next week and yes, I hope your holidays are doing fine so far.

I dragged #panda to KDCA on the 30May for a piece of Harvest Festival celebration or Kaamatan as we call it in native language. Its summer here all year round so what do you expect? Striking hot weather! So we bought ourselves some ice cream to go around the crowd. So glad that I've decided to tie my hair high and put on a dress instead of some fancy clothing.

The celebration was happening; the traditional costumes and it's blings, the sounds of local musics, traditional dances, sports and games, instruments and all the traditions, the young and old generation comes together to celebrate this once a year celebration. Its was beautiful, unifying, fun; even the tourists thinks so too. Its better than independence day I must say. I had great fun. Met some long lost friends along the way and we took like 4 repeated rounds of the whole place. It still wasn't enough. Like #panda said, there's always something to see. Picture time.

Sadly, the tour around KDCA come to an end as we head back home, pack our things, went to Rasa Ria for some business and finally heads straight to Ranau for family party-ish thing. Went back to KK the next morning but decided to stay at home since we were terribly tired. There were drag race happening in Sandakan so traffic was bad both towards KK and Sandakan.

By the way, I was rooting for UN Tambunan for the crown this year but she got 2nd Runner up instead. UN Telupid grabbed the 1st place and 2nd was KK.  Predicted UN Tambunan and UN Telupid to be in the top 3 since they nagged the Tati Tosuau (Miss Friendly) and Tati Topiod (Miss natural beauty)during the Gala Night. Still, everyone of them are winners. Congratulation to all the beauties.

Here's some pictures. Credit to Goggle and Tay Kenneth.

Winners are;

Unduk Ngadau 2012: UN Telupid (Miss Melinda Louis)
1st Runner Up: UN Kota Kinabalu (Miss Fenney Doimis)
2nd Runner Up: UN Tambunan (Miss Meryl Foster Placidius Dominic)


FBS Headmaster said...

bestnya dapat jalan2 di kdca time kaamatan... happening place.

Kotobian Tadau Tagazo do Kaamatan!

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Orang Bukan Hantu said...

Too bad that I couldn't make myself free to go seeing the events.

Huhu, hopefully won't miss it next year.

Orang Bukan Hantu

Gee said...

Hi aesther~
First time here and added you to my blog list, do hit me back k.. :)

Happy belated kaamatan! Hehe.. bleh ka gitu~ Nway, I never been to KDCA yet, what a shame kan, nama ja orang kadazan~ Wuu~