Thursday, June 7, 2012

one week

Been craving for pancakes for the longest time ever. Saw instant pancake mix (banana flavored) at the supermarket last two weeks but #panda said not to because I wouldn't have time to make them. He was definitely right with that. Bought instant pudding mix  instead #yummy. Had it for desserts.

Currently in college for a week. I was going to blog yesterday but I got jet lagged. Wanted to blog about how the health ambition seems to be going down the drain here as I found out yesterday that only one cafe were open serving foods not even close to healthy, and everything is oily. I was devastated but I haven't taken any food since I woke up yesterday morning, so I dive in.

We have new siblings at home. Its dad's sausage dogs. One in black, the other is light brown. He loves them both, it follows him even when he's cooking in the kitchen. Like a baby. It doesn't bark and has the cutest eyes ever.

It doesn't like me. I actually don't know what gender it is. He run away every time I approach it.

Sold my varsity jacket.


ead ~ said...

hi ! where did you buy that jacket ? online ? mind to share the page to me ? ngee ~

aestherlyienda said...

He @ead I bought it here. Its pre-order.

hope this helped you. =)

ead ~ said...

thanks. btw, i LOOOOOVE your hair !

aestherlyienda said...

No problem @ead and thank you ^^