Sunday, June 3, 2012

to live healthier

June came and continues forward very fast. Its 3rd of June today, going to check on my post diploma at ex-college tomorrow, pack some needed stuffs the day after and going to fly back to Kuala Lumpur on wednesday.

I promised myself to start eating healthier but its so hard doing so here at home. Dad always cooks up nice foods for us. The Kaamatan and the family gathering doesn't encourage me to do so either. Pour some thoughts on healthy eating to yours trully but I didn't get much motivational supports as needed. Since I'm going away for a week+ and I thought the days there are scheduled neatly and tight, I might have a little boost of healthy lifestyle just by waking up super early and exercising every single day for one whole week+. I dreaded going back, but a one week torture might give my diet here a rest and I probably can cope with a healthier diet I've been sporting during attachment. Its way more healthier and I don't find myself feeling guilty indulging on those delicious foods because I'm sweating my fats, have my cells functioning like crazy every single minute.

Been spying on some health blog for some time now. Aside from playing with my unnamed ukulele and our #Nikita ohh and our dog at home which causes me 7 bruises and 1 bite mark (which I'm not aware of but had fun playing with her), I'm always looking for healthy food blog, photos and yes many of them got me motivated in doing what I really want to do now-eat healthy. Even cutely arranged baby meals got me inspired and motivated. I'm going to be good at this in a couple of weeks #crossing fingers. I don't aim to lose weight, I aim to live healthier. But for tonight, we're going to have pizza, avocado juice and movie marathon here in the living room. See, that's the distraction I was talking about. Darn it! The fatty foods always taste so nice.

Going to eat better tomorrow.

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