Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fish Spa (Sg. Moroli Kg. Luanti baru, Ranau)

Hello, fish spa sounds so nice, right? Well, we made a stop at Sg. Moroli Kg. Luanti Baru, Ranau thursday last week on our way to Sandakan for my graduation ceremony. Made many stops along the way so this might be an on going on-my-way-to-graduation post.

 I tell you, this fish spa isn't what I have expected. It is like throwing yourself into a crocodile's mouth and let them feast on you. Its unlike the fish spa you went to at the malls or reflexology center. This fish is a beast!
For RM5, you get to spend 15 fabulous minutes with the fishies. HUGE fishies. Fishies that made you think, Hey, I ate that once on our dining table.

water were a bit cloudy that day.

 #1 look at those fishies

 #2 fish again

My father was the funniest. The moment he saw the big fish, all he could think of was cooking them. lol. My mother does so too (she told me). I told her, yea, you go eat those fish who've eaten people legs (I meant the dead cells(?) dermis(?)) whatever lah.

3# Again with the fish

Father was the first to give up. He lasted 2 minutes I think. Mother was cunning enough to sprinkle fish foods around my legs which brought all the fish to feast on my legs. She laughed so hard. grrr. sakit.

#4 Spot the beast!

I got really scared. I jump around saying sy takut! sy takut! lol. I was right to feel that way because its so 
PAINFUL! I was right. I thought to myself, I won't go near the bigger fish, it stings! But to my surprise, the smaller fish were the one biting so hard. Its like piranha! 

 #5 Fish along the riverside. 

Locals says the fishes will stay there for as long as the could. I thought, forever?? Who wouldn't if there's free foods everyday. Even fishes are lazy to go to work. lol

#6 And the winner goes to.. #Pandaboy!

Look, white and black equals panda! Or, taik cicak.

#7 and here's a picture of the small eyes tourist and signboards. typical.


nuranne said...

fish spa... smpai skrg xberani try. hehe

Norafifah Roshman said...

hehehe. wahh. saya asal pg sini, mesti takut2 itu ikan. dulu la. skrg ok2 da :)

beaty said...

ha ha sa baru satu kali pigi..mcm geli2 bah

aestherlyienda said...

xsanggup sdh sa p ni.. mcm piranha gia tu...