Thursday, July 26, 2012

Heart-shaped bookmark

I know most of you are bookworms. I figured that out upon reading your blogs and there's tons of pictures to support that. I was once a bookworm myself. My first ever book (minus the 10 pages fairy tale book) was Tom Sawyer. I was around 11 or 12 when I start reading that kind of book. 
I love English novels the most. I have only read 1 Malay novel and that's it. No more. I once read a novel entitled The Summer which I fall madly in love with but it went missing. The last novel I read was The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks. Its been a while since I read again. Studies never seems to give me a chance on doing so or maybe I am just losing my interest. Still, I would hover around popular bookstore and try to convince myself to buy one but I will usually fail.

Enough with that, lets get on with the tutorial. The title explains everything unless, you never read the title. Well, this tutorial will show you how to make an adorable (I thinks so) bookmark. Gone are the days of papers and ribbons bookmark. lol  I'm just kidding. I know some still fancy those kind of bookmark.

Lets gets started!

This tutorial will guide you to make your own simple origami bookmark. 

There will be lines visible which in my case, looks ugly but if you fold gently and never press too hard, it will be less visible and neat.

Nice and snugly at the corner of your favorite book.

Pretty Heart-Shaped bookmark for all.

... and I love making the picture all pastel and dreamy.

Good luck and have fun!

Now I'm gonna pack and head home. Ahh.. father's cooking petai says mom. I'm hungry! 


Summer Heartbeat said...

hey you! thanks for visiting my blog! When I look at your name, I right away clicked the blog, simply because my name is in your name. Haha! *awkward laugh* but then, still, I LOVE YOUR BLOG! Yippi !

aestherlyienda said...

ohh really? Esther is it? lol

Summer Heartbeat said...

Haha! No, it's Erlinda.. :P