Wednesday, July 25, 2012

How I get through the day, Jobless

I'm currently working on a new tutorial. Its been so gloomy in the house since its cloudy outside. My pictures didn't turned out so good. I'll upload it tomorrow once its done. In the mean time, spare a couple seconds reading my useless post on how I get through everyday life, jobless. lol

#1 Spend seriously long fabulous time with these two, my guitar, laptop and #nikita off course. Usually learn 2-3 songs on either the ukulele or guitar during my mojo moment.

#2 Wake up super early (for someone who is jobless) and prepare breakfast! I am most creative in the morning. I have fall madly in love with pancakes and cocoa spread. Also, I decided to cut down on caffeine since its making my skin terribly red. Okay, I googled the cause of my blushing skin. One of it was caffeine, that is why I did what I did.

We have made Monday 'till Friday is no meat day! This includes everyday morning 'till night meals. Cheat day is on Sunday. Saturday depends on workloads and activities. I'm still up planning a schedule for everyday routine just like in college.

#4 I'd usually clean the entire house and do laundry occasionally, feed and bath our dog #bow before noon then finally taking my long shower and do my normal routine in front of the computer. Ahh.. life. I'm enjoying it!

#5 Sometimes, well probably every few minutes a day, I'd browse on hair tutorials and experiment on new hairstyles. I'm trying to achieve my very first waterfall braids when I took the photo above. It was too bright last week. Photos didn't turned out so nice. And.. I have a big nose.

I will most likely take photos, post it on instagram and probably blog about it. I tried the upside down braid few days ago. My second day hair wasn't tolerating as it is rough from playing with chalk the morning before I tried on the hair. I hated it that way because it would be so hard for me to braid it accordingly.

#6 ...and of course, make fun tutorials. What more can I do, right? 
Ohh and I almost forgot,  #7 spent half an hour or so, exercising! Got to burn that calories! I  want to go out and run so badly, but my neighborhood is kind of freaky. The park is so far away and the only path people took to have a jog is at some Chinese cemetery I never knew of (source from le partner in crime) and along the highway. Omg! So many cars. I might get abducted! lol.

p.s The one thing I never forget even before I am jobless is, praying. God loves us all and...
Happy fasting to friends, family, relatives and citizen of the world unite! lol


Gee said...

You did that everyday? Very much fun routine.. syok juga jd jobless ni.. ;p

aestherlyienda said...

ya Gee, almost everyday. haha. I'm going for another month before I start working...