Sunday, July 1, 2012

Lullaby, a cover

Uploaded this before driving back to kampung this evening. Its been a while since I sing in front of the camera. Sometimes it feels weird. My Valentine cover video that I had put on facebook and probably here (I forgot) years ago suddenly got rediscovered by my friends.

I was bored at home, so this happens.
Just bought this ukulele last month. Its a soprano. Tenor sounds so much better but I probably have to adjust myself with new instrument (kind off) first. Also, I'm giving my fingers a rest from that big guitar. Still adjusting fingers with the smaller frets. Bear with me. But I still love guitar loads.
Comment, like, do whatever you want. Give your headphone a try.


Gee said...

Hi aesther~ You have a nice voice.. ;) was it hard to play the ukulele?? or ukelele? hehe

aestherlyienda said...

hello Gee, the ukulele is easier to play than the regular guitar because it has only 4 strings. The sound is different too.