Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Meme Proposal Sequel | Tim * Audrey

Remember the Meme Proposal that went viral on internet 8 months back? Well, they are finally married on July 27, 2012.
Audrey aka Fourfeetnine updated her whole wedding preparation on her blog so the theme wasn't really a surprise. Her wedding looks simple and sweet. I really want that kind of a wedding. Cannot! says dad.Sigh.
So, crazymonkeystd had finally released the Meme proposal's sequel. It was sweet but not as touching as the Meme proposal itself though. The only moment I became teary was when Audrey's father cried. Ahh, a man who cries; its rare and it precious. When a man cry over you, you got to think twice about it. Or you might be losing your Mr. Right. Unless he's a great actor. If it is so, then you should chop him into pieces and feed the remaining to the dogs. lol I can be that evil? omg
If you missed the Meme proposal, here's the link again [Meme Proposal]

Here it is.

Audrey was gorgeous as always and cute too.
Congrats to both of them and may this be the start of a beautiful story. Growing old together is going to be tough but I know they will make it.
May all the wonderful wishes blossoms into beautiful dreams come true.
congratulation again @timothytiah and @fourfeetnine


Gee said...

I saw this yesterday!~ sweet~ I love the way Timothy said his vow, in Jap! Quite funny ni.. 'hait hait hait~' hehe

fourfeetnine said...

i saw this in my incoming blog links. thank you for the post!!! <3

aestherlyienda said...

Most welcome =)))) @fourfeetnine

Jenna said...

Some cry because they're fake. Hope not in her case though.