Friday, July 20, 2012

Mermaid tail side braid

Yesterday felt like 7.30am from morning 'till night. I was wrapped inside my fiancee's big comfortable jacket, wore my sweat pants and covered my feet with my mashimaro slippers. It still feels so cold. I look like Aburame Shino from the manga Naruto. I seriously do. The only different was my red jacket and pink head band (matching ^^). ohh and I didn't wore any sunglasses geez. I wish I have taken a picture of myself.Today was better even though the sun is just peeking among the clouds. At least its not raining cats and dogs like yesterday. Its windy though.
Here's a picture of Aburame Shino if you haven't already know.

Sorry, I got driven away from the topic. As you know, I have long hair. Even though I wished so much to have shorter hair, I really do love how it is. My hair feels so soft and nice today. It was all tied up in ponytail yesterday because of the weather. Today I wanted to do something different. So I made mermaid tail side braid. It turned out so nice. I love it! This will be great for dinners. Wear it with pastel colored lace dress, oh my gosh it'll be perfect!

Had this up on instagram. I'd usually post breakfast photos in the morning but I was running late so I have decided to post a hair do instead. 

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Gee said...

Nice hair darl.. :) Yesterday was super cold and although cocooning myself with my blankie seem like a good idea for the whole day, I got to go for class~ huu.. ;p