Monday, July 30, 2012

much love Monday

Hello, I still back at my parents house. I wonder how our house is doing. lol
I still need to finish some tutorials. Not specifying what but I'm skipping hair tutorials because its too hot here. Buns have been the only hair-do I've been sporting.
I think of updating my blog everyday since this is probably going to be my last month to enjoy and have blogging marathon before I start working. BUT, blogging everyday would seems too desperate. We wouldn't want that, nope, we wouldn't. Probably should blog about something useful. Tomorrow, oh! I can't on Tuesday, maybe Wednesday? I don't know.

This is just too cute! Say it is, say it is!



StellaClaire-Richard said...

cute! hehe

Gee said...

Do share mo tutorials esther~ I've tried one of your hair braiding tutorial and the heart shaped bookmark.. simple and interesting ni.. :)