Wednesday, July 4, 2012

the weather is hot outside

I do not know when will this end but man, I am wasting so much time at home I'm afraid to even think about starting to work. I have been busy pouring thoughts and consideration into doing part time jobs but wasn't getting any motivation from #panda.

Its been seriously burning outside and the only thing I like about this house is its cold and cozy inside. The best thing about everyday was making breakfast. Thats the only thing I find worth waking up for early in the morning well, except for my fiancee off course #cheesy. The only time I went to the mall was last week where we went on a triple date and watch Cantonese movie. I was devastated. why? I'm not very good in Cantonese. Everyone was speaking mandarin and I felt like a shadow to my fiancee. I sat at the farthest end and pretended to seriously getting excited about the whole movie. I did enjoy it eventually since there were subtitles, but I'm not a big fan of subtitles. It takes away the focus from the movie. 

I stared way too long at my laptop screen trying to figure out what to write but non came out. Was going to post some pictures today but I accidentally delete my levitation photo after that tiring jumps and all. 
Turned down island hopping and bridal shoot this week. Getting ready for convocation next week.

Spent last weekend attending the kampung's Harvest Festival or  Tadau Kaamatan as we call it in the native language. I'm not a fan of big crowd hence the not so lively me (if you were there).
Picture time!

"Joey, take Picture!" and he does this.

 Niece decided to join the Unduk Ngadau Dazanak or Harvest Queen (if I'm not mistaken) for young girls. Sort of like a beauty pageant. She lost but it was a nice try for first timers.

 Cousin won first place. The state Unduk Ngadau 2011, Bo Tiza Disimon was one of the judges. She was very pretty in person (so much prettier than those in photos) and very friendly and has those nice smile and killer bod (I sound like a lesbian).
Anyways, the cousin was as tall as her and she's only 13. Imagine that.

Ahh, the children love them gums. Especially if its angry birds. 

Aaand of course, my breakfast. Instagram was down last weekend. Did you guys went insane? I read some post on twitter where this guy post something like this, "Instagram is down? What am I going to do with this food then? Eat it?!" lol. 
Took with with our #Nikita
Dad cook very super incredibly delicious, full of fat and carbs and protein mee goreng. Mum buys us donuts and that no name kueh. But it was heaven in mouth. ^-^

Its been a while since I posted many pictures huh? Instagram got me lacking in photo blogging.
Instagram @aestherlyienda tee hee. promote again ba kan? Ohh my english!

Have a nice day.


Gee said...

Hi hi.. Lol betul yg that guy tweet tu, he was seriously intoo instagram.. hehe.. I didn't post much photo last week, so didn't notice that it was down. Had we berfollow2 at instagram?? Will follow u later, my acc @edithhe.. :)

aestherlyienda said...

Haha. I thought he was being funny. But sa pun kind of hairan at first. Reinstalled sa punya instagram 2x!! then when I log in twitter bru tau. haha. Mcm sa pula addicted ni. hahha. will check on you ^^

biebbiey K said...

wow.. 2x suda sa nampak tue budak perempuan yg kecil ikut pertandingan.. comeeeeell

aestherlyienda said...

@miss biebbiey yg mana satu ahh? paling kicil tu ka? Mmg campin tu budak tu. UN pun cun, nyanyi pun cun tp dua2 dapat 2nd place jak. xtaw apa kurang.. =)))

Unknown said...

Ok, that guy's tweet mmg funny. Ya, ada 1 hr tu instgram was down the whole day.

Btw, congrats to ur niece :D

aestherlyienda said...

The winner was my cousin actually ashley. My niece didn't win and I didn't get to see her walk on stage either. Sigh..

Sha said...

The angry birds gum is so cute! And I love the flower on your niece's hair ♥