Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Hello beautiful people. How you been doing? Sorry for the long hiatus. We were sick, both me and the fiancee was sick. We then had a couple of company at home which makes it hard for me to blog. I can't even think of a line of words to write.

The sight of my typical morning. I found my tea in the middle, strange. Not a good angle to take a picture.

Finally had my pancake today after been sick for almost a week. Still is now. Today's pancake turns out so nice. Its fluffy and delicious. I top it with fruits and cocoa spread (not in pic).

I'll post new tutorial soon. Thanks to a lot of people who tag me upon doing the tutorial. I am happy that it turned out great. I was afraid that the tutorial wasn't helping much but it actually did so good for you!

This was Beatyj's bracelet from the tutorial friendship bracelet click*. I love that the bracelet has this pastel coloured yarn combination. She's getting hitch soon. Go check her blog!

This by the way, was Gee's from the tutorial heart shaped bookmark click*. The quote was a great idea, especially when you only have blank paper to make them.

Photo's are from instagram. credits to them.

I believe more of you have done yours. 

Have a great day beautiful people.
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