Friday, August 17, 2012

How to kill Mickey Mouse

This is going to kill every kids dream of meeting Mickey Mouse.
Spotted a mouse in the house a couple of days back. Scared the shit out of me!
So the brave me prepare the mouse glue, I think its expired but still works, I guess. Put it at the spotted place.
Few weeks back, I found out that something have been feasting on the not-so-cheap Korean noodles. Ok, so its been a hell good slumber party for Mickey Mouse. 
Being someone who studied mouse for 1 semester, I was sure Mickey was still inside the house. So, I ask the fiancee to place the killer glue at the other end of the cabinet opening opposite the end where we store the food (I hope you understood that, if not then fyl). I can sense Mickey's get-away direction. lol
I got on the dining chair when the fiancee started provoking (is that the right word?) it, shaking everything in the cabinet, making loud sound against the kitchen cabinets. Then BAAM!! There it was, stuck there on the glue, still struggling; man! the moment I saw it I went from the dining chair to the table itself. I felt disgust and eeww.. I just don't like how it move, gross! sangat goooliii....

How I imagine the sight of them feasting on our Korean Noodles.

The moment of truth came when neither me or the fiancee have the will to kill Mickey. We were stuck between how to kill it(?) and who's going to do the job(?) It feels like committing a murder. There's probably 101 ways to kill a mouse on the internet, I just have to Google it. This is lame but I actually did Google it while the fiance took care of Mickey outside the house. It came to the point where we both thought, shit! This thing will get back to us later in life. Its like karma from Mickey Mouse now. I hope its in Mouse's Heaven. I hope the mouse king forgave us already.

Anyways, I (again. I surely get the karma) purpose to the so naive fiancee the way we kill rats according to office procedure (Yes, where I work, this thing have procedures because its obviously one of the things we they do).

How to kill a mouse,

1. Pour kerosene/petrol/chloroform etc into a black plastic bag/trash bag
2. Put mouse inside. We just throw Mickey into the plastic bag because obviously it's stuck on the glue and couldn't move a hitch.
3. Tie the plastic tightly. SHAKE!! (we did not because, who would shake a hopeless,stuck-on-glue little thing?)
4. Your killer chemical will evaporate in the air tight plastic causing the subject to die.

fyi, Mickey didn't die of suffocation, it drowned because I pour too many petrol in the bag. I'm positive I'll get karma for this. fml
Told mother about Mickey. She said don't worry, her friend kill rats all the time. She trapped it, shake it until it fainted then step on the head. wtf. BUT, for good purpose because it keeps stealing their lunches. Who would want to eat mouse's left over, huh?

Still needs to find Minnie Mouse. fml

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