Sunday, August 26, 2012

Reality Check

First and foremost Congratulation to fellow blogger @Beatyj on her wedding! Be blessed.Reality check, I don't think I would start working as planned. Stupid mail man probably got lost somewhere in China. This calls for a part time job because I still don't want to cash out my Nangs.

I kept the water running in the sink as I am thawing fish for dinner tonight. Meanwhile, I shall blog. Been thinking of rearranging the whole blog. Its probably time to throw out the unneeded rambles. I still love it white though and its so neat and tidy, I kept holding back on the makeover because I like it this way. Not that I want to put anything else in it unless I'm a super famous blogger where advertising is flooding my mail and lining up to be featured. Nope, nothing near that. 

Still, how was your Sunday? Weekend is finally wrapping up here at GMT +8. My Facebook feed is steaming with Sabah Youth Day 3 (SYD 3) related non stop. An event that happened early this week at Tambunan. Good for you guys! Praise the lord!

... the recent most shared topic was, a guy who (as discussed in the photos) apparently fell(?) committed suicide(?) around 4 pm today at Center Point Kota Kinabalu. From the photo I recognize the location. Its just beside the entrance facing Segama. The one near the 4 junction. Gosh! Whatever happen to that man, I pray his soul rest in peace. I apologize for the hustle guys. I won't dare put rotten pictures in my blog. I'm pretty much a superstitios person. So I don't watch/put/keep rotten pictures. Its probably all around facebook by now. So, you can check that out. Or, you can wait for tomorrow news. Headlines, Lelaki Jatuh di Center Point... ahem, I'm not going to resume this rambles. God Bless His Soul.

Edited* visitor tiba-tiba banyak sebab saya post sikit pasal itu kejadian sana center point. Not to make your visit here sia-sia la kan, here's some link so you guys can see some photo.
Apa-apa pun bisuk keluar news juga tu. speculation banyak this time. The truth tomorrow. But I know you want to see first hand photos of the tragedi so here..
Suicide photo 1
Suicide photo 2
Suicide photo 3

Since I don't have any pictures to put in this blog post today, I hope you guys will appreciate this very inspiring (well, at least for me) video.

My panda bought me medication and Ribena+apple claiming it has vitamins written on it, apparently good for me. Panda can be so cheesy sometimes.

Have a nice kick start of the day tomorrow!

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