Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Gangnam Style Vibes

I really dont know what is happening anymore. The next thing I knew was this Gangnam Style (probably the asian version of I'm sexy and I know it) starts flooding my facebook, youtube, churps etc. its insane actually. 

Early this week I check to see what the buzz is all about and finally watched the gangnam video. Gosh! 54 million views. By night, after viewing it for the second time with panda, it already reached 56 mils view. Shit! 2 mil views in less than 12 hours!

The dance, the awkward dance... Even britney spears tweeted how she wants to learn the choreography. Even, katy perry suggested it. I'm still like, wtf is this? Why am I not having the vibes yet?
Then, there were the parody done all over the world including malaysia not forgeting the Orang Sabah Style. Eeeekk.. 

Combine all that and they could make the biggest Gangnam Style Flash Mob the world have ever seen!
Here's a suggestion, do it during the National Day tomorrow. It'll sure make all the VIPs turn their heads. Probably no longer saluting, instead scratching their heads.

Anyways, tomorrow is National Day for all of us here in malaysia. With all the facebook critics, anti* pages, hate comments, racist statement (still a hot topic) against all Borneo and rumors about sabah (maybe sarawak too) saperating from malaya, I still want to wish everyone a happy merdeka day. A world with differences adds colours to the community, but a world filled with angers and hate, its a dying world. Everything happens for a reason, everything if not good, will be a terrible news. So, appreciate our peaceful country because compare to other country, matters like strikes etc. isn't anywhere near 1% of whats happening in the world today.

Selamat hari merdeka
Tagline: janji ditepati

Well, one post in facebook says, "janji memang tepat, tapi bila mau ditunaikan?"
With this going around, no wonder they ask for the memorandum to be re-examine. Am I the only one who thinks the first prime minister is most sincere in helping us gain Independence?

P.s the logo is as awkward as gangnam style video. When it was first released, someone in facebook said, the logo could be done on a phone. It looks like a phone clip art stack together. Cleary looks like someone ran out of inspiration.

Till then.

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Gee said...

I was like dafuq that I just watch after watching the vid for the first time. But.. the song unknowingly stick in my head ni.. Omoo.. Hehe..

Happy merdeka day aesther! :)