Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The makeover story

I am super excited hence this long blog post. Please bear with me or else, look at the picture and click (x). I am going to exercise my hand writing this with my over sized shirt and glasses still on, also messy hair and stupid smile.

Hello everyone, I have finally decided to do a blog makeover after what? 1 year? I can't quite recall the last time I did it. And, for the first time, I'm using different colours. Its like washed brown paper-ish colour and the pattern adds a little vintage feels to it. Also, you might have notice my scallop outer background. I almost gave up trying to achieve it but some accidental mistakes turns out to be just what I needed. So I have scallop outer background now. I am so happy.

I have also decided that I would hold back on putting up blog header just because I thought its such a cool way having my picture act as a header. But I'm still thinking of the right design and whether or not I should put a large header because it looks nice as it is. As for now, my picture (as you can see) will act as a header and home button for this blog. It looks like the old version of facebook layout, don't you think? Its cute, right?

I added up a search button in my blog so you guys can search for my previous post without going through my archive. What else hmm, oh! I have decided to delete all those over-emotional, childish, cheesy, throw-out-a-tantrum post since the beginning of the blog era. You know, having a blog is not easy especially when you are just starting because you are ineffable, still out there, still searching, uninspired (sometimes over inspired) and the last thing you realize is that, you don't really need that kind of a post. So, sometimes after almost 4 years of blogging (like me), having read hundreds of blog, being inspired and have wider blog view, ideas, skills pfft. etc. you will want to keep that silly post reverted to well, just a draft. Keep it. Its not worth posting (not that anyone gives a shit) but its still your memory. And maybe after 4 kids, you will take time, sit on the chair while your kids are sleeping and just reminiscing the good old days where you fought terribly with your friends, cried when no one is watching, made the stupidest mistakes that almost ruin your relationship, even the craziest decision to go against God and end with tears dropping on the floor, knowing the truth and now, you are still friends with all the people whom who thought ruined your life. I'll have everything labeled and arrange at the side once I'm finish.

Well, that was long. Alright, follow link is tumblr-ish like because I wanted to save space as I only prefer one left-side column. Archiving is in drop down menu (save space, again) and adverts still runs as it is. I'd like to link other blogs too but, I like pretty banners and less alphabetical links with dots on the side because I like writting, and words will only come from my blogpost instead. Please make a cute banner 200x50 if you would like to be linked. The deal is, you link my banner in your blog too. haha. What a puny way to bribe you all! Oh! Noticed my instagram? I had only 1 photo-of-the-moment there for you to stalk. 

200x50 shows up this size. Its big enough for someone to notice it. Just like my pink sunglasses here (remember how it used to be a lace heart? We don't want that anymore). I'm so in love with this one right now.

I'm thinking of having a giveaway on my 200 followers. I hope it won't reach 200 because I'm going to stab my brain with knife trying to figure what to have for a giveaway. 

I hope you guys are doing fine. I'll have a guitar chord and lyrics up next, if not, another arts and cratfs. 'Till then, have a great day! ( a tagline panda use everyday after meeting up with a tourist ). Mish! I'm going to continue playing my harvest moon on psp (3 more season and I'm finish. Why my character won't get married ni!). Internet running for torrent purpose as panda is downloading yet, another game. This post was done on my notepad. Quite long huh?

Its finally finish. Had my ipad for non-makeover related stuffs and psp while waiting for everything to be uploaded. Total makeover exposure: 2 days.
Gosh! Who said being a blogger is easy? Apart from finding inspirations, ideas, arranging nice words not forgetting choosing the right picture and editing everything so it falls in place; you actually have to re-read every single line over and over again, fixing errors, grammars, idioms (if you're using one) and whether everything make sense or not. Even after that, you'll still find mistakes (when you read it the next day, after it was published) because you were so tired, you overlook simple lines of words.

 Alright then, end of story. Sorry it has to be this long.
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