Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Getting through an arguement

When I get into an arguement with yours trully, I'd usually distance myself. I won't bother being in the same room with him and argue like crazy. That's a tip.
Couples; they usually argue on the smallest things. This happens to me all the time. 
Throughout our 7 long years of relationship, I have experiemented this method and it works. Just as long as you keep yourself busy and not sitting there thinking and firing your thoughts. That will only cause your brain harm.

I'd usually keep myself busy with hours of doodling, cleaning the house or (I bet you'll love this), sleep. fml Do something beneficial.
Clear your mind. If you think you can tolerate after that then, just forget about what happened and get on with life. Don't burden yourself with thoughts, anger, grudges etc. It will only make things worst. Plus, its not worth it. 

Why I wrote this today? Because I had a bad morning. I locked myself in my room, slept for 20 minutes, heads to our living room and start drawing like crazy. After 2 doodles, a long shower and an estimated 2 hours of cold war, it all went back to normal. Like nothing happened.

They say, when an artist paint, they paint with emotion and usually emotion paints their canvas. When I drew this, the only thing running through my mind was
"I don't feel like talking to you right now"

One day of your life will flash before your eyes. make it worth watching.
Don't let small arguement ruin years of happiness.


oneheartyheart said...

Esther. nasib sy terbaca ne post owh. make me realize something. and i gotta do fix it fast! :D thanks :)

aestherlyienda said...

wah! glad it helped Dazz.