Friday, September 7, 2012

I inspire you to be inspired

When I first open this blog, I just couldn't figure out what actually I was going to write so you guys who actually (I'm happy) read it, gain valuable information (I wish) and eventually liked me and follow this crappy blog.
I am not the follow to follow type, but sometimes I just got into the zone because (YES) I support my fellow Borneo bloggers. I know how its like posting so much (excitingly) and thinking its the best thing you have let say, experience, encounter, liked, loved etc. but in the end, no one ever reads it. That happened to me, and I believe that happened to most of us. When I click on the follow button on a blog, it means I really love

1. Your superb, mind blowing grammatical, wonderful, funny, whoa*, cute and well written out of the world words.
2. Your input. I mean, what type of blog you are. E.g Specializing in CSS/Tutorials/Cooking/Beauty/Arts and Crafts. Things that I really put my mind into, things that whenever your new post pops into my news feed, I would be like, Oh Shit! Another awesome post is up!
3. Off course, being supportive. yay!

Basically that's the major things I consider when I REALLY decided to follow a blog. Not the quantity of the follower but the quality of your posts.

Some blogger prefer, CTRL+C on a hot topic and CTRL+V on their blog to generate traffic to their site. I am fine with that, just make sure you edit it into you own thoughts, ideas, words, blogsphere, theme etc. BUT that's just whats happening nowadays. 

So, if you haven't already noticed, this blog had been on its worst days. There had been numerous ups and downs, changes, mashed up inspiration (which usually turns into, only a day of inspired moment then poof! back to the usual agenda), craps etc. Sometimes, I don't even think that I am writing the write thing, using the right grammar or even posting a real fact. fml

This time around. I am really going to motivate myself. To have a blog up, themed, specialized on one thing and no other. I will be having the link once I am fully confident of the new blogspiration. I have urge myself to do this for as long as I can remember but most of the time, I just want to pile up everything in my main blog which is this beloved aestherlyienda.blogspot. Maybe because its my name, and I love it as much as I love myself.

I thank you all for those wonderful comments on my Line Drawing post which is just before this post you are reading. I am fluttered. I just want to let you all know that I am not born with steady hands, artistic talent, creativity etc. I earn it how? By being ugly, stayed in my room my whole high school year, buy books and learn the guitar, drawing, languages etc. AND I am still learning. The 21st century had open up a large opportunity for everyone out there, which is not available for someone who was born on the 80s and went to school the whole 90s (me). Believe and you can achieve your dream. Sometimes, I wish I was born on the 90s. Then again, I wouldn't have met the man of my dream.

Good luck everyone and thank you for reading this.

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I like your blog so much. You really inspire many people with your post, especially me. I am waiting for more of it with pleasure and I wish you good luck.