Saturday, September 15, 2012

Moustache Nails Tutorial

Spending on/off time on the laptop today. The little nephew been jumping on my bed like crazing making  private time not-so-private anymore. Ahh, I wonder why the fried fish father's cooking in the kitchen smells like chocolate.

Finally, my first video tutorial! I just thought I should add some varieties on my Youtube channel. A little girly thing won't hurt, right? It's a moustache pedicure idea/art. Its been crazy hot at home. My nail polish dried super fast and making the lining a little troublesome unlike the last time I made it. I had to improvise on the dotting tools too since I forgot to bring mine.
 Anyways, I hope you like it. Please subscribe me on Youtube and don't diss my toenails (I know they're not the prettiest). I should start taking care of every single thingy attach on me. Did you know that the skin is also considered an organ. The biggest one to be precise. Nifty huh?

(/) heart if you like me doing more video tutorial.

Much better video quality ey?
Have a nice weekend ;)