Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Trick stars use to look better

Its Wednesday here at GMT +8. Somewhere, someone is probably posting a Wordless Wednesday on their blog. Not me by the way. I tried that once but it didn't last long. I even stumbled upon a blog who made a Wordless-ish Wednesday. Pretty cool for someone who doesn't really goes with the wordless theme.
I stumble upon this on the internet today. 

Headlines; Star Cheat: Trick stars use to look better.
The funny thing about this whole fashion spread is the fact that, Kim Kardashian really do have a seriously big butt. This is like a total headline failure for a magazine. It could have been on how to achieve this or that but oh no! Trick stars use to look better? I mean, have they seen Kim Kardashian in a bathing suit before? Could she have worn a butt pad with that, like seriously?

And Salma Hayek using a bra pad?  How long have you been living people?

If you don't know what a butt pad is, here's the link to see MyMagicButt padded panties. As seen on that magazine spread.

Magazines nowadays, they need all the wonderful headlines to manipulate people's thoughts and luring them to the bad side like a little white mouse. Experimented. Until someone got chocked by some chemical from an evaporated stuffs bought from china then only will the headlines stops appearing in magazines and flooding our facebook feeds about a girl suffers from allergies from wearing a padded panties. lol. Stop manipulation teenager's mind. -.-

I am seriously not against this, seriously. Because its better than spending tons of cash on a surgery and still not getting the outcome you want. Better and safer. Unless you are super rich.

Now, thank me for luring traffic into your site and buying your butt pad. Cherios!

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nuranne said...

Everyone will eventually looks good if they ended up in magazine. hehe.