Friday, October 12, 2012

About Leopard Prints

Who doesn't love leopard print? I do! Until I painted it on my nails. That is when I fell madly in love with it! Oh wait. I lied. It just started appearing in my head after a whole day of shopping along the streets of Hat Yai where most of the clothes and pants had leopard prints on it. It was adorb!

I have to admit it, every time I touch something on my iPad, my eyes always fall straight onto my nails. I've told you, I love them. Now I found new love for leopard prints. Please don't meh me for being such an outdated person. I have only loved one my whole 7 years, and that my friend, is my fiancee.

I must say sorry to all those people who tried so hard to achieve leopard print on their nails, thinking to myself "leopard print sucks, why do they want to draw them on their nails anyway?" Well, the shame is on me girls,women; I am now free from hate for leopard print.

I know I have like super overly exaggerated emotional feeling about this. I feel like a little kid getting an ice cream. I couldn't have been any happier and to top it all off, its my first time doing this and the fact that it turned out awesome and got me an angel's wing, gets me up from the ground, over the clouds and around the universe, flattered me a lot. And that's how you express your feelings, most sincerely. Even more sincere then farting in your bathroom confidently where no one even listening and feeling disgust. Only you and you alone.

So that is got to be my most awkward post. I do hope I enjoyed reading that in a few years. Anyways, tutorials are up in so many blogs and sites and etc. But I am always open for request to do one. I am by the way, unemployed for the moment. Please don't ever ask me if I've started working or I'll curse you in your dreams. Actually, I really am getting tired of people asking. Thank God its the month of the Holy Rosary so, I forgive all of you haters out there because if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have anything to blog. You are my inspiration!

Until next time,
P.s I love that everyone is getting into the blogging challenge this October  That means I'm not going to get bored waiting for blog entries from my favourite blogs. Ahh, all the favourite bloggers entries everyday, in my feeds, for the whole month of October. Can't get any better than this.

Have a blessed Holy Rosary Month.

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