Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I don't know how to arrange this words accordingly because my laptop is in severe condition. I wrote a blog post this evening and then, my laptop suddenly decided to die on me. fml.
I didn't freak out because apparently, I had finish editing the whole thing on a notepad and left it there without even thinking of saving it and went on and watch promisephan on YouTube  I only realize it a couple hours before I took my bath. fml.
Then Cheesie came up with a super shitty similar post that I love so much, I want to die reading. It took away all my motivation to compose the post right back! Well, it was an open contest so, yea I bet she'll win.
Anyways, I'm having the worst days of my life. Having hormonal changes, breaking out, the weather is over exaggerated and I haven't bought any stuffs for work either. I feel like going through puberty all over again. I feel like shit browsing through the web for breakout solution and cure. You don't know how much I rapped the YouTube search button today. I am insanely going crazy trying the get the right thing inside my head. Things that will work!

Meet our dog. She's like a training wheel for us; for a future baby. lol.
Hello, how are you? 

As much as I love the cute doll face dogs, I love bigger kind of dogs more (German Shepherds etc.). Why? Cute dogs can't catch burglars and I'd probably cry a little extra if it dies (aside from the house being robbed).

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