Saturday, October 27, 2012

Halloween Makeup Competition

Its been a while since I did competition reviews. The last one I did (if you remember) was Project O&O. My news feed is semi filled with Halloween related posts since the beginning of October. I never seem to find the right reason to talk about Halloween because apparently, I don't celebrate the dead (aside from the All Soul's Day). They say that the best thing about Halloween is having an excuse to dress up like a total skank! lol

They say curiosity kills the cat but in my case, its a gold mine. A very great one. One that cracked my brain open and had my eyes popped out.

Colours Cosmetics Malaysia recently held a Halloween Makeup Competition in their facebook page, giving out goodie bags and vouchers to all their participants. It was one of the most intriguing competition so far. The participants were all very talented. Some got me staring at their picture for quite a long time before proceeding to the next one. I know everyone is trying their very best to win, doing everything they could even went into the details with Photoshop making the make up even intense than it already is. 
Which leads me to one comment I stumble upon while browsing. fyi, I don't have any friends participating. I do charity "like" button. Well, back to the story, the comments goes ;

"..I usually dislike these 'like' contests because it's just a popularity contest. Usually if you're a really pretty and popular girl, even if you just smear ketchup all over your face you could get 13748912468123 likes. That's how it always is.."

Reality hurts, I know. But I guess she is right. It really has been that way since facebook competition started. Talents over beauty? Beauty always reign. I do sometimes think its not fair to all those people who is blessed with serious talent out there. Girl, I'm with you on this one. 

Please, don't get me wrong. I respect everyone, so does this comment by the admin.

"..We understand that problem with these kinds of competitions and that's why we incorporated extra prizes such as Public Votes - Where we are going out to the public with all our participant's work for the public to choose their favourite. and Judges' Fav - where our sponsors will choose their favs! :)Its to reward people who actually did work, so all the best! :DDD .."

Now, that's win-win. Well thought of!

Help me out guys. Go check them all out. The competition might have ended but those talent need serious loving.
Go vote for the one whom you think deserve to win. Voting ends 05 November 2012.

Currently leading:

These two are my personal favourite. Serious talent people, SERIOUS TALENT!

Cutest in the bunch!

Go check them out already! Vampires, kitty cat, demons etc. 

Whats your favorite?

Disclaimer : Photo courtesy of Colours Cosmetics Malaysia
All photos is linked back to their facebook page.


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