Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hat Yai trip

Went to Hat Yai, Thailand the other day. I must say, its not that fancy vacation like most of you had but its nice to take a trip out of the country once in a while.

Well, here's some photos which I must tell you, NOT captured by me as I have little chance of holding our camera the whole trip.
Stopped by Kuala Lumpur for a transit flight as we don't have direct flight to Thailand from Kota Kinabalu. I was so glad we transited because I had the chance to get a glimpse of the newly opened H&M since I'm not living in Kuala Lumpur anymore. Here's my take on H&M.

Anyways, Thailand was awesome but as I am working in health related job, I tend to think a thousand times before consuming anything.

I got so dehydrated while being there because we were always drinking flavored liquids. I only had a bottle of mineral water the whole trip because everything else (the water) tasted a little bit salty (?). Panda thinks so too, unlike here where some of the mineral water taste like coconut.
We ate a whole lot of seafood there. The fish balls was too big to consume in one bite. Its bigger than a ping pong ball and Tom Yam tasted heavenly inside my mouth.
Finally got the chance to visit the floating market! I really can't describe it with words so here's a captioned pictures.

First stop was the floating market. 

This roses made from pandan leaf was so pretty!

Entering the food zone. This seafood layout was taken along the street few walks from our hotel. Didn't bought any since we're still super full.

Back at the floating market, this one actually caught my eyes the second I spot it because there were Angry Birds Sushi! How cute is that? Can you spot it?

Colourful displays of cute, small (a size of 0.50) sushi attracts me most. But I didn't even bought one for myself. Panda had to remind me the health side of it (chemicals e.g colouring, uncovered, dusts etc.) fml. Okay, I get it!

 Our tour guide was the coolest. He's the one to go to everytime we got stucked. He is also the one who introduce to us this mango+sticky rice. It was heaven in my mouth. I've read about this in so many blogs already and I almost forgot about it upon arriving in Hat Yai. Thank you to Mr. Ah Yao.

 The moment I spot this, I told Panda, "look, cholesterol".
I love eggs but this one has this overly reddish+orangish colour which written in my health dictionary as, STAY AWAY!

Shopping was in everyone's list. Stumble upon the cutest baby clothes along the way. This was one of it but as you can see, I only have a nephew so I can't buy it. Sigh. I wish my sister-in-law will get a baby girl in a few month.

Gosh! I feel like uploading everything in my folder but as you must know, I am waaaaay to lazy to edit the pictures right now.

Ending this first wave posing with Mr Ronald McDonald here. I looked disastrous because I haven't got any rest after the flight.

p.s I just realize that I forgot to change my watch to GMT +8 timezone. I kept waking up at 9am thinking its only 8am. fml. I always wondered why the clock in our living room is set an hour faster. lol.

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