Thursday, October 4, 2012

Magic Plastic Bun Maker

How would you like to know how I do my hair every single day at home? 
Okay well, you might be thinking, "who wants to know anyway?" or "who cares?"
Well good! I don't care. I want to share anyway. :p

The bun maker I'm currently using is actually called The Magic Plastic Bun Maker (I Googled). I bet many of you have seen this one though. I know most of my friends are using this baby here. 

Well, I've used it before but after 3 times using it, the wire inside snapped. I don't really like it though, eventhough it makes the bun looks super voluminousness and big. My hair is so thick and heavy, it couldn't keep my hair in place the whole day. Most of the time it unravels hence, a hair disaster. I don't think the wire is strong enough to hold my hair in place. Bought mine at about RM15 few months after it became famous on facebook. Today, you can purchase it at any beauty store for as low as RM5. fml.

Other way of achieving a perfectly round bun is by using the doughnut bun maker. The doughnut have had its glamorous moment until some creative person created the sock bun.
The Sock Bun is similar to the doughnut bun but a lot cheaper, affordable, alternative way of making pretty hair buns. I have yet to master the sock bun. I am pretty bad at it. sigh.

Tonya's DIY Sock Bun.

I'm probably using the ugliest one among bun making thingamajigger. Probably even uglier than the smelly old sock bun. The one I'm using is similar to the first one but instead of spongy, its made of plastic and it has hooks at both ends making my bun all tight and secure throughout the day. The outcome is not as voluminous but I like it because it keeps my hair neat, tidy and most of all, out of my face!

I bought mine at Daiso for only RM5/pcs. Thanks to a local beauty store, I can now purchase more for only RM1.00/pcs. fml. Daiso keep scamming me.

Anyways, here's my everyday (almost) bun making routine. I put on messy bun or if I'm in the mood, braids, every other day.

The hair is like your own personal crown, don't let your head go bald.


Anonymous said...

Where did u bought the magic bun maker that you mention at first ? I mean which local beauty store ? :D

aestherlyienda said...

I didn't really caught the name of the store (the reason I put "local beauty store" the first place). But my niece said she bought similar one at a 100% Shop. I hope that helped you.