Monday, October 22, 2012

Oversize Pink Sweater

Its nice to update the blog once every couple of days. It lets me regenerate my brain juice. 
So I have been cleaning my desktop. I'm thinking of sending my laptop away for a couple of days because the bunny dust is killing it. I just couldn't decide when and where yet. Karamunsing seems to be a good place to start with, right KK people? Poor laptop, mommy's gonna fix you soon ok? You just got to hang in there. fml.

I stumble upon some pictures. It got me thinking whether I will be able to do this in the future now that I'm going to seriously start thinking about life. I'm going to start working next month. I will still be blogging though. Blogging is the closest I can get to journalism.

Its been raining here. Don't catch a cold now.
Sorry I haven't been updating my instagram. The phone is dead. RIP. Thanks to a nice quick hand fella who decided to rob us. 
So you guys better click on my Nangs so I can buy myself a new phone. fml. The anatomy of a desperate person in need of a new phone. fml fml fml