Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sexually Transmitted Disease/Infections (STD/I)

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STD (sexually transmitted disease) are among the most common infectious diseases in the world today. It have become more common in recent years, partly because people are becoming sexually active at a younger age, are having multiple partners, and do not use preventive methods to lessen their chance of acquiring an STD. There are many types of STD, some particularly meant for the other sex. Now, some of you out there might just be a carrier which means, you have the worm lurking inside you but it causes no harm for you as their host/house. Well lucky you. But remember, as you get old and your body immune system gets weaker, that is when your old friend there will start a strike towards you.

In the mean time, you will get all the privileged of transmitting the worm to your sex partners. Now, here's where the bad news come. The partner who is unaware of your ability to establish a 5 star hotel for the worm will get infected.

Many of the STD victim out there will find themselves healing in a matter of time without even knowing that they had STD. Only when things got bad for example, difficulty to pee, you start getting scabies or fungus around your private area or you start noticing some unpleasant discharge coming out from your vagina, will you consider going to see the doctor. Usually you will be prescribe a medication called penicillin and antibiotics aside from other type of medication you will be needing depending on your case. Now, going through this process is pretty hard as you have to face critics just by the looks from those nurses face and even more when the doctor starts questioning you.

Please be aware that those people who tends to miraculously recover themselves from STD (without seing the doctor) might experience a reoccurring symptoms/worst. This sometimes means that you are going through another round of unprotected sex with the same person OR you're experiencing the old wave but going into the second stage.

There are many types of STD. The most common one are Gonorrhea and Syphilis. Others types that carries similar worms are vaginitis, chlamydia and Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID), Herpes, Genital Warts, HIV/Aids and parasitic types of STD are the Trichomonas.

This is the basic types of STD known around the globe. Now, everyone thinks that the worst thing about STD is that you got yourself HIV in your blood which means, you're close to heaven. Many of you out there doesn't always get AIDS by just having sex and I seriously want you guys to know that sharing your plates or towel won't get you AIDS. Some unlucky people out there sometimes got AIDS through blood transmission in the hospital. Others got theirs by sharing unsterilized needles (usually refers to those doing drugs and irresponsible hospital attendants). HIV/AIDS isn't the only STD that can cause death. Most of them could if they are not detected at the early stage.

I am not saying that you should stop having sex because obviously you wouldn't listen but I must advice you to use protection in what ever position you're in. Ahem* that's awkward. Don't get into a one night stand because if God wants it to happen, it'll happen and you wouldn't have someone to blame. That someone wouldn't even had know he/she had STD and the next thing you know is, your friend is dating that same person.

The Ministry of health (MOH) have come to understand the needs to prevent this disease before it gets into a more serious condition which could effect not only the citizen but also, the whole country.  MOH Malaysia provide free vaccine for girls as young as 13 years old following the increasing case of Human papillomavirus infection (HPV infection, a known cause of cancer of the cervix) in recent years.

Remember, just by protecting yourself could very much means you're protecting your partner, your family and those people who deserve more than realizing they got HIV just by getting blood transmitted from yours. STD can affect men and women of all ages and backgrounds, including children. Realize what position you're into and make a change. STD can cause death. Don't let yourself or your family be one of them. Learn to prevent it. Get tested now.


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