Thursday, November 1, 2012

Blessed October

I started taking my antibiotics and another coconut flavored liquid medicine (kind of) a couple of days ago. I was slightly shocked with this new discovery but I will finish my medicine even if it means I have to visit the toilet every 15 minutes and having terrible headache. fml

Yesterday marks the very last day of October. How should I conclude? I probably shouldn't write much or else this would be another long entry.

One thing I am proud of myself this month is completing the whole month of rosary without any mishaps. I meant skipped a day. This very last day, upon reciting the apostles creed, a very sweet scent surrounded me. I froze for 5 seconds before resuming my prayers.

Giving thanks each and everyday had really open up my heart. Opportunities started knocking on my door, the good reign, I became positive in every way and I am clearly happier.

Remember, God really listen to our prayers. God might not give you what you want but, in every way God will grant you every single wishes through your happiness and health.
Realize that and you will be guided. God will open up a path for you, you won't even realize it until you turned to him.
So, give thanks everyday. Spare a little moment just for you and God. No matter what your religion are, God will always listen.

I hope you had a great November ahead.

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