Tuesday, November 6, 2012

blog and work

I have to admit it, its pretty hard juggling blog and work. I came home almost out of breath this past week trying to have everything arrange. Just today I spent the whole day listening to speeches from morning 'till evening. I have exhausted my bums from all those sitting, its was freezing cold in the hall but at least my eyes were open and my tummy is certainly happy.

I'm beginning to understand why working people gain weight so easily. I have yet to find myself comfortable in my own shoes. I feel like a kid on a bicycle with training wheel still attached.
I know its certainly make no sense putting a picture of Totoro in this blog post. But what the heck? I haven't even watch Totoro, I don't know what this creature do or work or act as or deal with or whatever people is trying to prove just by buying everything Totoro related. Probably should spent some time watching it this weekend. Oh wait! I have my weekends filled with wedding invitations. ohgosh!

Also, I haven't updated my instagram either; the part I really hate the most. Feel sorry for the followers.

Ending this now. Its weird writing such short entry since I haven't been updating so much lately. Am gonna do some altering since the tailor didn't do such a good work. Lying stinking rat! You just lost another customer.

See you on the weekend, maybe? And I will try to incorporate some freshly caught photos.


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