Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Nǐ zuìjìn háihǎo ma?

I won't blog about work because that will be against the law. lol. I don't have any recent pictures because the moment I have free space in my journal, it starts raining and it seems sleeping is the most agreeable decision to make.
I don't know when but I also feel like sticking my face in front of my laptop screen for hours hasn't happened for almost 3 weeks now.
Everyone around me seems to be progressing very well. I on the other hand found out yesterday that I'm still below the international BMI level (I'm happy as shh) and today the "Am I Stress?" survey conducted by our doctor shows I have a not-so-normal anxiety and depression level.wtf Thank you doctor for letting me know. That's probably because I spent less time blogging. lol.
I can't believe the moment I start working, my blogging mojo decided to shut down in which I will not bow down too. That is why this post is here today.
The what's in my bag tag sounds like a pretty fun thing to do but I have to reconsider doing it since the only thing packed inside my bag now is sampah. What an unpleasant sight that would be. BUT I shall try to do it in the near future.

Its sports week at the office. Gonna end everything with a wedding this weekend.


Gee said...

Your bmi is low dear?? bah.. you can eat more without feeling guilty lah then kan.. hehe..

end everything with a wedding? yours? :p

Dora said...

hao.. hen hao ^^ bcause it is my second week of holiday till next year.. long long holiday haha

Low BMI does't mean you are not healthy, unless you are.. Do take care

aestherlyienda said...

Its kind of low la but I'm happy it is. lol.
Not my wedding =)