Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Cheese is Married

I don't usually update my twitter. Friends who had registered years after me even got a couple thousand of tweets and I have yet to reach my long 1000 sprint to the finish line. Yea, I'm that rabbit who had fallen asleep under that shady tree. Ahh, its almost time for bedtime. 

I choose not to act over-emotionally on my facebook status because it can be a along essay. So I opened another tab for twitter.  Twitter understands that my emotion should have barriers. That is why we are only permitted 140 alphabeths per tweet. Guess what? I was just in time to see @fourfeetnine's tweet

 I was like, wutt? how did I missed this?
@Cheesie had been updating her instagram with tons of Halloween photos. Really, who would have see this coming? Just few days ago I browse through @cheesie's blog wondering if she'll ever get married this year just like @fourfeetnine did?

So this curious cat went sneaking on @Cheesie's twitter. And I can fully confirm that our fashionista is officially married to no other than The Forever invisible Kareshi. Congratulation!

Many of the famous bloggers got married this year. I don't know if its coinsidence or its the romoured end of the world. fml for thinking this way. I should start saying my prayers if I want to live. lol
Most of my friends got married this year too.

I wish you @cheesie all the best in marriage life. There will be obstacles and challenges, but that will be another way God is preparing you to be a great person.


( photos are from Cheesie and Audrey )

p.s And who would have thought, the inspiring youtube makeup guru, Michelle Phan is one of Cheesie's follower. 

Have a nice weekend everyone.

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