Friday, November 23, 2012

The Twilight Saga : Breaking Dawn Part 2

This post might contain spoilers so you might want to click the [X] button at the top right hand corner of your screen.

If you don't mind or had already seen the movie, lets just get on with the post, shall we?

I raped youtube's search button trying to get a glimpse of Renesmee the first week of work. Its a name that had been buried inside my brain since Twilight was released. 
It was kind of strange though, since Renesmee doesn't really speak throughout the whole movie and I am sorry for spoiling that for you. 
But the final chapter of twilight was nice. Not as expected but, nice. I'm not a very big fan of sequence kind of movie and if you had to let me choose, I'll always pick the first ever chapter. In this case, I love The Twilight better. Its not like the other parts was not good but I have the tendency to pick the first ever part, chapter or what ever you want to call it.

So The Twilight Saga : Breaking Dawn Part 2 was alright. Reading the book might give you better satisfaction for the ending because it was a little different from the book and also the fact that I only get to watch Renesmee grow that fast and not see her really do something pissed me off.fml

All in all, I wouldn't mind recommending this to anyone because its a decent movie and the fact that I have my facebook feeds flooding with Twilight related matters probably lead me to saying this.
Or maybe this status I caught while scroll down my newsfeed.
"Tidak dapat tengok Twilight, Vampire Diaries pun jadi la.."

I got to be honest, the only reason I wanted to watch the movie was to see Bella as a vampire and

Had you already seen it? What did you think?

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Happy walker said...

the twilight movie was good !! go watch !