Friday, December 7, 2012

Cat ears inspired hat

Cap, hats and beanies are the cutest most covered accessories this year. If you haven't noticed, the "cat trend" had been all over Japanese magazine. ViVi even gave it as a freebie that came along with their magazine. Probably the reason it was sold out. Its only the 7th day in December darlings, so for those who are not familiar with the topic, here's a photo I stole from the net.

Apparently, the beanie and hats jumps into stardom after an epic spread of famous faces wearing the adorable beanie resulting in high impact of cat ears obsessions.

So, if you wish to own one, I have this page selling it for limited time (Pre-Order). Also, they throw in the Full Spike Cap as seen in popular blogger's site.

Cat's Ear Beanie wasn't available but they do have this Devil/Bunny Ear beanie.

 Cat Ear Bowler Hat 

 And, the Full Spike Cap!

You can also email me if you are interested (at)

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