Sunday, December 9, 2012

Filigree Inspired Masquerade Mask

Early this month, my office organized a Masquerade themed annual dinner. It was kind of a last minute notice.
It was the day before the actual event that I only realize that I didn't have anything to wear or even have a mask. Didn't mention it to my cousin (whom I invited to go with me) because I didn't want her to freak out.
So, the night before the event, I drag my fiancee to the nearest supermarket and bought a couple of stuffs to make the mask. I was actually clueless on what to buy; the whole going-to-the-supermarket was like an unplanned situation. I bought random stuff I don't even know I'll be using.

The morning of the event, I woke up quite late, had my breakfast and straight away browse through the net and start doodling some random vector/pattern.

I decided to draw it on a piece of A4 paper first. I didn't want to waste the paper I bought the night before.
I then cut the vector, trace it on the paper and then start cutting around it. I marked the spaces that needed to be cut.

Its been quite a while since I used the knife. I did cut myself but not from cutting the papers but while cleaning the mess. I forgot to slide the knife down, so it got me at the very last minute.

I cut extra vector on a piece of white paper as base to make it harder. I sprinkle on some glitter I had and left it to dry before making a hole at the side for the yarn (I didn't have any ribbons).

I opt for this filigree inspired mask because I don't really prefer the type of mask that covers the whole face. I have super oily face and I was afraid that this type of mask will make my face oily and make up would rub onto the mask.

I was actually inspired by this site to do the mask. This type of mask usually made of metal or leather and are really pricey. Found this plastic masquerade mask but it was sold out.
Here's a huge collection of mask including my favorite Filigree metal masquerade mask

Masks near my work place is sold around Rm6.90 up to Rm20 ++ depending on the design. If you go to the party section at any supermarket, you'll find cheaper ones at around Rm1.20 for 6. Usually made for kids but adult can also wear it. Super cheap! 
I decided to make mine because I just wanted something different.

Here's my full OOTD and snap of me and cousin (I made her mask too, yay!). 

You might be wondering, What did you do with the mask after the dinner?
Well, I let someone close wear it with pride. He's sitting there at the right corner of my room, guarding my make up brushes. lol

Someone actually ask where I bought my mask. So here's the behind the scene. I made 2 masks for 5 hours straight. There were a lot of messy cutting going on. lol I hope you'll find this useful.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to leave me a comment or you can always email me.

Take care and have a nice day everyone.


Nicole Demetria said...

wow...i love your dress and your mask.... i am not good in art i scare i cut my hand if i handmade it..haha... :D

Masks for Masquerade said...

Amazing post! The mask came out beautifully. We would be happy to donate a few blank masks for you to use in your next mask-making tutorial, please let us know! :D