Sunday, December 2, 2012

Girl meets fashion

How is it possible that they've mashed classy and street fashion together? I found that very impossible not because I am fashionably blinded by the trends but it possibly means I'm not that great when it comes to fashion.
Here's another reason why. I'm in uniform for the past 4 years. The last time I really got into fashion was 5 years ago when I was seriously obsessed with cosplaying, animes, manga and all things Japanese  That I called serious because it came to a point where my friend told me that I look like someone who've just jump out of a comic book.
So if you ask me how classy and street fashion meets? I'll give you this.

How is it possible, you mean?

Lets be clear, even if I'm as blind as a mouse, I'd know where the cheese is. That means, I do some research. In this 21st century  the term research means, Google. So, as unfashionable as I may look (although I, myself don't think so), I can still learn. Learning is a life long process, either you make it or break it. Its totally up to you.

You can't go wrong with wearing a well tailored blazer. It pulls any outfit together and keep everything classy. Wear it over dresses or printed tee, skinny jeans and paired it with heels, it will look just as nice. Just like what Chriselle did here. She paired a nice classy dress but instead of wearing a blouse or a button down shirt inside, she wore a casual sweater, a quilted skirt and a pair of boots. Its classy, sophisticated and yet it has that hint of street fashion. The blazer adds classiness to the whole outfit.

Another take on Chriselle's Classy meet Street coordinate.
See how the Blazer brings in the class to the whole outfit?

Belts are an understated Holy Grail of fashion. Just few years back, belts had been more than a piece of fashion tied around someone's waist to keep pants from falling off. The belts is everywhere now. It ties everything together, helps cinch your waist and make plain or oversized dress look well tailored to your body. 

Here Chriselle transformed one outfit to another by adding belts on her waist line. One outfit never looked the same. :) 

Its always hard for me to occupy mix prints onto my outfits. I'd always finds something wrong and end up with no prints at all in my coordinate of the day. Thanks to many tips and tricks on the net, I now wear prints like there's no tomorrow. JK

Mixing prints can be though. The way I wear it is to have it stand out making it sort of the statement piece. I'd keep everything else simple because I don't want the eyes to be all over the place.

When you talk about fashion, anyone can be a victim. Its just that lucky if you'd be featured in any media.

Whether you like classy or street, both style can always be mix together and create a new dimension of fashion. Fashion sense develop through times. Its a long process of trial and errors before you get everything right.
The public is your judges. If everything else fails, go back to basic. Its the answers to all of you fashion boo boo.

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