Sunday, December 2, 2012

My Wand and Only

Everyone must have at least one beauty product they dislike. I particularly doesn't like glossy lips so, I had only bought 1 lip gloss my whole life, used about 96% of it before tossing it into the bin. 
I once hated the mascara just because I kept poking my eyes with it. It really gets into my nerves so about 1 year later I started using it again but only during events and the times I feel like wearing very minimal eye make up.

The mascara has the shortest shelves life of all the make up product. One usually be advice to use it for as long as 3 months. That's probably because it is worn so close to the eyes but its actually a keep for up to 6 months before you toss it into the bin. Its probably a waste of money if I bought one for myself because I rarely use them.  But I still have the urge to purchase one, thanks to the powerful advertisement that gets into my veins making my hormones jump in enthusiasm. So what can you do with your old mascara?

The mascara is a very interesting beauty tools to recycle. To start of any recycling you should clean the wand with paper towel or tissue then soak them in warm water to remove all residue.
I've been obsessing on bold brows lately so I have been using the wand to comb through my brows to keep them in place because as hard as I want to admin this, I have to say that, I don't own a brow brush. So its like something given free to me. A great way to tame those bushy eye brows as well.
Another thing I've always wanted to solve is my after shower baby hair. Back in high school I was always envious of those people with baby hair. I found them very pretty. Now that I got what I want, I'm beginning to regret ever wishing for them. So what I do was, I spray a bit of hair spray on the wand then, comb my babies through with it. It gives a very sleek natural finish without overdoing the hair spray. Hair spray makes the hair look all stiff and hard thus breaking the hair compound, damaging the hair if worn excessively.
The mascara never had been my best girl. She'd poked my eyes way to many times than the eye liner. It stressed me out even more when it makes my lashes all clumpy and became an unsightly sight for my other half to see. But I have finally found a solution for that.
I recycled my wand, removing any nasty residue and use it to comb through my lashes, separating all those clumped up lashes revealing even more sexy lashes.
I overdone that did I? But the truth is, the mascara is like a push up bra for the eyes. It instantly lift up the eyes making it appear bigger and wide open. Great for those who rush on wearing eye liner or shadows in the morning. Someone like me in particular.
So, before throwing out your make up product, try to find different ways to reuse them. You might end up with something no one had ever thought of.
Have a great day everyone.

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