Thursday, December 27, 2012

Oh hey you're here

I suppose I should apologize for not blogging as I promised. Unlike last year, christmas this season had me totally occupied. The spaces between one invites to another I have only manage to fill with the happiness of saliva-dripping sleep.

So, I guess everyone's Christmas went well this year. By well I mean, the #foreveralone went as normal as a #foreveralone would usually go, the socialites partay, the alcoholics rejoice, the preechers preech and everyone are as one celebrating not only christmas alone but the whole holiday theme. No fatal injuries reported in the news this year except for the lawsuit against instagram.  Long story short, the new terms declared by instagram gave them the right to sell ads using a person's name or photos published using the service, among other things. #wtf  Take that for trying to manipulate your loyal users! Anything else interesting? I haven't been reading much news this week. Nope, didn't took a day off for Christmas. Am just being nice to those living few hundreds kilometres away from home. I know the feeling of being away from your family during those once a year celebration.   

The only picture I took at home. Correction, my little boy nephew took after a numerous attempt of saying "aunty Esther, tan I bollow iPad pleat?". One must teach the little kid to be polite regardless of their gender. Still, he loves me. Oh wait, he loves me because I lend him #muffin everytime he came over to hangout. Anyways, please don't be harsh on the background. Everyone's home for the season so I didn't bother to clean my room.

I hope you got redirected to my domain. I'm so glad you are able to read this. Blog still in transition you see.

I hope that I'm not too late to wish you Merry Christmas, Happy NewYear 2013, Happy Holidays to those still on Holidays and Have a wonderful saliva dripping sleep. Jk

I'll get to real christmas post before new year, alright.


Gee said...

Merry christmas and Happy new year Dear! :)

aestherlyienda said...

Merry Christmas to you too Gee..