Friday, December 28, 2012

Sony Xperia Acro S

Look what I got for my baby this Christmas! (shit! I sound like a cheesy teenager).
I promise to buy him a brand new phone this year after a devastating lost of his iPhone last august. lol He opt for Sony Xperia Acro S this time.
Reasons he choose it was because it was water proof (1 meter deep, 30 minutes providing all caps are closed. No close means bye-bye phone), all the siblings have either Samsung,  HTC etc. (he doesn't want to have the same brand pfft)  also, he decided not buy an iPhone because I wanted the iPhone for myself lol jk. He wants water proof phone for sure. Currently only Sony have waterproof designed phones. Correct me if I'm wrong.

We went Christmas shopping few days before Christmas Day because I was turning into a workaholic monster.  The Sony Xperia Acro S retails at Rm15++ (Ori set) and Rm13++ if you opt for the AP set. The difference between Ori and AP is basically the warranty. Nowadays, both Ori and AP can be found at any unofficial mobile phone distributor supplied by the company. There's not much difference between these two. I've used both Original and AP set  my whole mobile life and it works just as good providing the owner is as careful and soft-skilled as me. lol  There is no reason for anyone to write off the Sony Xperia Acro S because it still provides great features as Samsung Galaxy 3 and the iPhone  5. Comparison between some of the phone's specifications are even too close to call. The competition is still on even there's a time gap between the release of each phone. 

That's probably the real reason why he opt for Sony in the first place or probably he has the tendency to drop his phone in the toilet bowl. ohh, and fyi he had a romantic bath time with the phone the evening after we reached home. ops.

Thank God its the holidays. Everything was on sale and surprisingly not so many people at the mall. 
After a short bargain with the nice Chinese guy, we got it at an even cheaper price than the discounted price provided on the brochure. Official Sony branch offers RM13xx (I forgot) + free items but we got ours at RM1270 + free stuffs, after bargain. lol. WohooOffers ends 31/12/12.
He is a happy kid, I know. Another reason why the gadget is nothing near the pictures.

Apart from that, I also got everyone ang pows (kind of weird since its Christmas not Chinese New Year) and unexpectedly accurate gifts for the little nephews and niece at home from him. They've been getting great grades in school.

They deserve it! 

So, that's my Christmas post. 
Its almost the end of 2012. How's this years' resolution? Checked them all out of the list?

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