Friday, January 18, 2013

2013 Feng shui for The Rabbits

I know having only one God doesn't permit me to subject myself to other beliefs but that also means I shouldn't be devoting myself into believing that bobohizan exist, the spirit of the paddy exists, the sole sacrifice of a young maiden named huminodun exist nor does every bits of ancient history I grew up with. How is this true?

I believe that God has his own ways of making sure every single chapter of our lives falls in place perfectly eventhough we see it as bad luck. No, its not how the Greek sees it because apparently my God is not Zeus or Poseidon but their stories are magnificently interesting to explore.

The thing about this is that I fall into that category where I fail miserably at devoting my humble self to only one belief. In this case my God. But then I also believe in karma which is how the buddist teaches their followers on how life can sometimes be a bitch. What goes around, comes around as Justine Timberlake says it. Then there's feng shui, the one thing that kept me well aware of whats to come then again its that one thing that kept me unmotivated because of the downside of the prediction. 

I tried so hard not to believe in feng shui. This week, I read so much on the year of the snake, I felt demotivated for the coming months. What a bad way to start a new year - bad luck list.
Here's my fcked up new years prediction. (I even considered not getting married this year)

"For everyone born in the sign of the Rabbit, 2013 is a tough, stressful and tiresome year for you. It is good that you know it now so that you are prepared to face them and will do the necessary feng shui updates to remedy them. Be positive and strengthen yourself! You need to stay strong and healthy this year to face the year’s challenges. Try not to overwork and get enough sleep. READ MORE

That actually spells me already. I mean 90% of it is exactly whats happening now. If you click read more, you will find it somewhere in that page mentioned how Thursday is my kind of lucky day and how Friday is a bad day. Nope not monday, its Friday! Its actually true! fml.fml

If things were meant to happen, it will happen eventually. We cannot say, I can live forever because we are not God.