Saturday, January 5, 2013

52 Weeks of Drawings

It's brother's birthday yesterday and mine tomorrow. Always gets my birthday present early because our birthday is just a day apart and always have almost the similar present. We are somewhat like a twin. Anyways, I stumble upon this yesterday and I thought, hey this looks nice. So I was like #challengeaccepted #likeaboss

Its the 52 Weeks of Drawings!

Week 1 was : Your Choice so I choose to draw the current picture I had in mind which was Elle Fanning. She's Dakota Fanning's sister if you must know. Sorry I had to draw this super fast thus, not so nice illustration.

The start of a new year. 2013.

1. Your choice: This first week of the year is usually pretty busy, starting off with something fast and random.
2. Self portrait: Draw yourself.
3. Plant
4. 4-legged friend
5. Profile: I always draw a face straight on. What about the side view?
6. A tool you need: Scissors? Pencil? Hammer? Fork?
7. Something you love: What do you love?
8. Your name: Draw out your name. Stay simple or go elegant! Whatever.
9. Fave book: draw the book itself, or a scene from the book.
10. Inspire: Draw someone or something that inspires you.
11. Favorite place
12. Wings
13. Framed: Frame something.
14. Brand new
15. Two: 2 the number, two of something, twins?
16. Music
17. Fave animal
18. Candy land
19. Eyes
20. Bug
21. Bird
22. Family portrait
23. Imaginary
24. Animal personified
25. Hands
26. Hybrid animal: Get crazy.
27. Robotic
28. Movie scene: Favorite movie scene?
29. Sea creature
30. Crafty: Thread, knitting, sewing, whatever.
31. A collection
32. Odd superpower: What’s the most ridiculous superpower you could have?
33. Sky
34. Married couple
35. Fairy tale character
36. Something nearby
37. Tattoos
38. Street lights
39. Silhouette
40. Farm animal
41. Details: Up close and personal.
42. Comic strip: Tell a small comic strip story.
43. Monster
44. Sweet treat
45. Friend
46. Vegetable or fruit personified
47. Holiday
48. Fave food
49. Toy
50. Historic figure
51. Self portrait: start with a self portrait, end with a self portrait.
52. Your choice

Started drawing seriously again few months back and I got kind of a good feedback from you guys so this challenge is great to brush up my rusty hands.
Are you doing a challenge this month/year too?
Let me know.

P.S Decided not to do resolution post because I don't want to jinx myself.

Take care.


Unknown said...

Oh, please tell me what tool/app/software you are using to draw. Right now I only have my pencil, eraser, pen and paper. And I suck in drawing faces :(

Dora said...

That is nice! Looking forward to see all the drawings

aestherlyienda said...

I use sketchbook pro @ashley

Just scared I'll never make it..@dora